Do to that fact that these songs are protected by copyright laws there might be an advertisement shown. I do not think is right to add a pop up on a Veterans Day Program Video. But I know that is how they learn a living. The Song American Tears By Teresa Jennings.

Honoring Veterans In 2015

Bertil Q Gustafson Viking, MN Class of 1941 KIA Belgium January 3, 1945
Lawrence Folden Holt, MN Class of 1943 KIA France September 7, 1944
Harlan C. Engelsrud Newfolden, MN Class of 1942 KIA Okinawa Japan April 28, 1945
Mark A Anderson Newfolden, MN Class of 1964 KIA Republic of Vietnam May 24, 1967
Kenneth R. (Joe) Dau Viking, MN Class of 1965 KIA Republic of Vietnam Dec 15, 1967
Myles D. Westman Newfolden, MN Class of 1968 KIA Republic of Vietnam May 13, 1969

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