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1. I wish to thank Gerald Hestekind for calling me and giving me this web page.
2. While watching the video, Jerry Strandquist's comment about the lack of any opportunity for girls to participate in athletics during his HS career jarred me to respond.
In the spring of 1966, several girls approached me about the desire to "run in track." Since my own mother, Nellie Elseth, was the very first female butter maker in the state of Minnesota, I eager to help forge another first - a girls track team, or at least to compete with our boys in track meets. I believe the four girls that suck it out were Sylvia Dahl, Barbara Stoke, Kristi Carlson and Peggy Wilcox. Before our first track meet of 1966, I wrote the Minnesota State High School League of our intentions. They responded that it was unthinkable and if I insisted on having them participate the league would disqualify all boys events and records. I subsequently put this before the team, the boys were split as to what to do but the girls decided to withdraw so as not to have the boys records disqualified. Keep in mind this was in 1966. In 1969-70 the MSHSL did hire Dorothy McIntyre to assist schools to institute girls athletics. In 1972 we had the first state Track and Field mee!
t for girls and in 1976 the first girl's BB tournament.
I say that these Newfolden girls actually planted the yeast that brought about the change in attitude concerning girls athletics in Minnesota schools. I propose they be admitted to the Newfolden Hall of Fame for their courage and ground breaking endeavor, even though they themselves were not allowed to participate.
Sheldon Elseth

(Very enjoyable thanks for your dedication and hard work! Go Nordics!) Howard Rokke Email:

( I really enjoyed this! Please let me know if there will be any more inductions into the hall. I would like to attend.) Mike Fincher Email:

( This was a great event and I think of all the many memories Wesley shared about Coach Junker and the team. It was truly a highlight of his time at Newfolden High School. )

( awesome great video )

Can you help put names to the faces in this video? Taken at Walt Foldens Restaurant. Filmed by Clarence Amiot. 1959 District Champions 20 - 6
Coach: Jack Junker
Players: 12th Grade - Bob Dahl, Dennis Bakke, Wesley Bring, Johnny Haglund
11th Grade - Wendel Hagenbeck, Donnie Engelsrud, August Wehmeyer, David Dyrud
10th Grade - Jimmy Elseth, Howard Davis, David Haug, Lloyd Hjelle